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  • Gypesis is just amazing. She does great lashes , she cares about her clients and the ladies at the front desk are always helpful and understanding.
  • My deep cleaning appt was at a minimum 15 minutes late..when I asked about it I was told it typically only takes 15 min to deep clean even though it is booked on a 30 min slot. I was told the 30 min is only if my lashes were super dirty. So my question was, what if my lashes were that dirty? No one would know prior to me arriving to the lounge. Would you go over my booked time for the whole 30 min considering the specialist was late?? The answer was yes but I don't honestly believe that. It's a bit disappointing because as a customer I'd be penalized if I was really late. Lesson learned. If my master is booked where she can't fit in a deep clean with my fill (which she was this previous visit), I will postpone my visit until she has the time.
  • Nail longevity that I've never had before. I already referred my best friend to you and she's got Cherry lash nails too now!
  • I loved the helpfulness and care the employees take and I felt comfortable and welcome