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Eyebrow Shaping


THIS SERVICE INCLUDES: sugaring or waxing, tweezing and trimming, done with precise brow shaping techniques. FINISHING TOUCHES: brow fill with powder or pomade, highlighter to enhance lift and brow gel.

Eyebrow Shaping (Tweeze Only)


Trimming and tweezing for clients who are sensitive to wax/sugar or on certain prescriptions that will cause a reaction if waxed or sugared.

Eyebrow Shaping w/Tint


Define your brows with precise brow shaping and tint to enhance natural brow color. Brow tint will fill in gaps and sparse areas to help you achieve a fuller brow shape and dimension without applying makeup. Tint can last up to three weeks but can vary per person.

Eyebrow Tint (ONLY)


What is brow tinting? A temporary dye that's safe for the eye area that enhances the natural brow color by giving eyebrows a more enhance defined fuller look. Color can last up to three weeks but can vary per person.

Permanent Makeup
6 Services

Microblading (3D Brows) - NOT INCLUDING TOUCH UP


Microblading is used to create simulated hairstrokes for the appearance of a full natural brow. Touch up NOT INCLUDED.BALANCE DUE IN CASH ONLY.

Microblading Consultation


Not sure if Microblading is for you? Come in and let our brow artist go over the entire process with you.

Microblading Touch-Up Session


The 4 week perfecting session is required to darken any strokes that need to be, and even out any small imperfections that can come about as result of the healing process. Microblading is not complete until this second session. TOUCH UP SESSION ONLY FOR ART PROVIDED BY BROWS & CO.

Microblading and Shading


Microblading with Shading. Hair stroke combo with 3D shading to create depth and dimension for a hyperealistic brow effect. BALANCE DUE IN CASH ONLY.

Nano Brow Conversion - Current Microblading Clients ONLY


For current Brows & Co. Microblading clients ONLY. Converting to Nano Brows from Microblading. Results lasts 24-36 Months. Balance is due in CASH ONLY..

Nano Brows


This permanent cosmetic procedure is a great way to enhance your eyebrows and is longer lasting than Microblading. Using a permanent cosmetics machine, Nano needle is the finest tattoo needle in the world that creates the most delicate hair strokes. Touch up included 6-8 week.THE BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN CASH ONLY.

2 Services

Chin Wax


Hair removal of the chin area.

Lip Wax


Upper lip hair removal.


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