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Big Baller Drip


Have a big night out planned? Schedule our Big Baller Drip BEFORE you go out for more energy to roll out and more hydration to ease any linger effects the day after. Get an instant energy boost for your big night.

Bounce Back Drip


Nursing that hangover? Our Bounce Back Drip will get you back into the real world and off the couch and your Netflix binge. Replenish fluids and get rid of that headache and nausea. Contains B-vitamins, electrolytes and anti-nausea medicine

Customized Mobile IV Drip


One of our customizable drips which start at $199. Our nurse will consult with you to craft the drip that is best for you and your needs. We can't wait to drip with you and for you to FEEL BETTER!

Want to drip with friends? Let our nurse know when they get there! We can accommodate up to 5 drips at one time.

Gwyneth Drip


Want your skin to glow like you slept in on the weekend and drank cucumber water all day? The Gwyneth drip hydrates your cells which aides in promoting collagen and elastin development to fight the signs of aging.

Immunity Warrior Drip


Keep your Immune System operating at its max with our Immunity Warrior. Fight viruses and bacteria with this epic Vitamin C and Zinc combination.

Rebound Detox Drip


Rejuvenate your body and blood flow. The Rebound Drip is formulated to help detoxify and cleanse your organs of unwanted toxins by using the mother of all antioxidants - Glutathione.

Slow Roll Migraine Drip


Dehydration and vitamin deficiencies are two big factors the cause of migraines. This IV drip is packed with vitamins to improve blood flow and helps with relaxation and hydration.

Vitality Drip


Re-hydrate and replenish electrolytes with our Vitality hydration drip.


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