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Acupuncture for more then two or more problems. This will be the most complete treatment with Acupuncture working on everything that concerns you with your health.

Basic Acupuncture


Patient tells Acupuncturist what one Concern to work on. No more then One Health concern. Thank you

Consultation without Acupuncture


Fire Cupping


Cupping without Acupuncture

Neural Reset Therapy "NRT"


New Patient Consultation with Acupuncture


Tunia "Chinese Massage"


This is a style of Chinese Medicine will repairs damaged acupuncture points that were damaged thru traumas. If these traumas are not resolved these injuries can affect your body for life.95 % of these traumas don't need acupuncture to resolve the problems that are caused by these injuries!

10 Services

30min. Prenatal Massage


For mothers to be in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

30min.Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage


We customize every massage to your specific needs. Your massage may include any or all of the following modalities to achieve maximum results: Relaxation, Swedish, Sports and Deep-Tissue.

60min. Hot Stone Massage


We use heated basalt stones through out your massage to melt away any tension.

60min. Myofascial Release Massage


60min. Prenatal Massage


For mothers to be in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

60min. Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage


60min. Trigger Point Release Massage


90min. Myofascial Release Massage


90min. Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage


90min. Trigger Point Release Massage



Body Focus

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