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SkinFit - Level 1


Member Rate: $69 I
reset & refresh your skin for the month ahead
clean, exfoliate, tone, & hydration boost for healthy skin

SkinFit - Level 2


focus on specific concerns to enhance results
a steep clean & deep exfoliation for clear & bright skin

SkinFit - Level 3 - Laser Facial


Member Rate: $175 I LASER POWERED I
Laser Facial to boost collagen every month
diminish pore size, reduce redness & fine lines
**Can substitute for Laser Hair Reduction in either - Full Face, Underarms, Bikini

SkinFit - Level 4 - Laser


Member Rate: $275 I POWERED LASER I advanced laser technology (Clear and Brilliant) used to replace damaged skin with healthy & younger cells
improve hyperpigmentation, texture, & firmer skin

SkinFit - Level 5 - Injectable

Member Discounts I Botox I Fillers I Breakout Buster

SkinFit - Level 6 - Vitamin

Member Discounts I Vitamin Injections (IM) to replenish and recharge your body,

SkinFit - Red Light


Member Rate: $69 I Brighten skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and signs of aging.


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