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Eyelash Consultation

This is a prerequisite for any new clients wanting to receive a set of lash extensions from Julie.

Eyelash Extension Removal


This service is designed to remove existing eyelashes.

All clients coming in with existing lash extensions will have to have the old set fully removed before continuing on with a new set of Classic Eyelash Extensions.No Exceptions.

Full set of Classic Eyelash Extensions


Similar to extensions you get for your hair; the eyelashextensions we work with areindividual lashes. Made of a synthetic mink product that is attached to your eyelashes semi-permanently. if you have ever dreamed of waking up and putting little effort into your morning beauty routine, we have the perfect solution for you.
This serviceincludes unlimited lashes( must match the actual amount of lashes you naturally have)

Refill of Classic Eyelash Extension ( 4 week)


This is for clients who have seen Julie for a full set of classic lashes. This is designed for clients who want a refill after 4 weeks. Client must have at least 30% of existing lash extensions to be considered a refill.

Refill to Classic Lash Extension ( 2 -3 Weeks)


This is for existing clients who currently have seen Julie for a set of lashes. This service is typically performed 2-3 weeks after the full set.
Unlimited lash count.

Hair Care
41 Services

Cut and Style- Short Hair


This service is for anyone who wears their hair short. Clipper work/ Scissor over comb/Fades.

Deep Conditioning Treatment and Blowout.-PPT


Deep Conditioning Korean Poly Peptide Protein Treatment . This treatment is best utilized under heat for 30mins. Helps restore hair elasticity and infuses hair with keratin which increases strength and shine.Includes Blowout.



A technique for highlighting the hair in which colour or lightener is free paintedin such a way as to create a graduated,"sun-kissed" natural-looking effect. Service time: 45-90 min
Note:$130 is for short hair i.e.: "A Bob"
Mid length starts at $150, and very long hair starts at $200. If additional toning is required a charge of $25-$45 will be applied. No exceptions

Blow Out - Extra Length and Thickness


Designed for guests who have an abundance of hair.
Includes scalp massage, wash, and condition.

Blow Out after color only service


Special blow out required after a color service.

Blow out


Includes scalp massage, wash, and condition

Bridal Day Of On Location


This service is for stylist to be at location. times may vary. 2 hour minimum. Additional costs may apply. Please phone salon for more specific details.

Bridal Styling Trial


Wash Hair the Night before at home.Come in product free.

Clean Up

Clean up - Non Client Walk in.


Non existing clients.

Color Correction Consultation

Every client must book a consultation before any corrective color services can be started.This is the best way to ensure the clients is aware of the costs and the time required.

Creative Foil Placement


This is $20 per foil. Designed for a "flash of color".

Curl Set


Dry service. Please wash hair at home the night before.

Cut and Style- Change of Look


This is for clients who want a complete change of look. Typically for someone going from long to considerably Shorter. This service is 1.5 hours.The extra times allows the the extra work required to create a total new look. Typically involves a much longer consultation. Price may change on stylists discretion.

Cut and Style- Long hair


This is designed for anyone who wears their hair "long". Cuts and styles that are past the shoulders

Cut and Style- Mid-length


This is designed for clients who are wearing mid-length styles. This is anything below the hair line and above the shoulders

Demi Permanent Glossing


Amnonia -free hair coloring service



This is similar to the popular trend of Balayage( Free Painting Colour onto the hair). The difference with Foiliage is for clients who want a way softer grow out. This uses a combination of baby fine hil-ights to the scalp in foil with free painting the rest of the hair.

Fringe "Bang" Trim- Existing Client

This is a Complimentary Fringe or "Bang" trim for existing clients. Keep your Fringe in the right place!

Global Lightening ( Whole Head) Normal Density Hair


Normal Density Hair- Whole Head. Includes toning.
If additional lifting is requiredan extra $40 per application of lightener

Global Lightening ( Whole Head) Thin Hair


Whole Head Lightening. 1 Application of lightener. Includes toner.
Each additional application of lightener $40

Global Lightening ( Whole Head)Thick Hair


Price may increase depending on length and amount of product used. Includes toner.

Glossing service Only


Designed to correct or enhance shine and or tone. This is a deposit only service.

Grey Blending-Short Hair


Designed for people with Short Hair who want to soften but not eliminate their grey hair

Hi-light with Base Change


Highlights with root colour.

Highlights - Full Head


Price may change depending on length and density of hair

Highlights - Half Head


Highlights - Partial


Illimunia Color


Special Color line designed to remove trace minerals from the hair. Primarily copper.

New Client Consultation

For NEW clients wanting a general consultation.



In addition to any color service. Insures strength of hair. A step 3 talk come conditioner is required . $35 dollars additional for take home treatment recommended.

OLAPLEX- Strengthening Treatment


This is a treatment designed to strengthen fragile. A take home treatment is recommendedto apply at home once per week to keep the treatment active.

Roller Set


Includes wash, set, brush out.

Solid Color Short Hair


Short Hair/ or New Growth Touch Up

Solid Color- Long Hair


New growth touch up and color refresh.

Solid Color- Medium Length


New Growth touch up and color refresh.

Specialty Styling


Iron work, including pins if necessary. Excluding weddings
Price may increase at discretion of stylist.

TREAT.ME- Anti-Aging


For hair that has suffered the effects of hormonal, environmental or chemical ageing.

TREAT.ME- Moisture


For Hair that is dehydrated, frizzy, or chemically treated



reduces breakage for damaged hair and Increases elasticity

TREAT.ME- Thickening


For fine, weak or falling hair.


Black Sheep Hair

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