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Acrylics & Silk
5 Services

Dipping Powder Manicure


Dipping Powder Removal Only


Pink and White Acrylic Full Set

Regular Acrylic Fill

Regular Acrylic Full Set

23 Services

All Natural Pedi

Callus Repair Pedi

Canna-Cure Pedi

Gel Removal Pedi

Gelicure Pedi

Hydrated Heels Pedi

Kid - i - Cure Pedi

Milky Smooth Pedi

Mini Pedi

Monthly Special Pedicure

Naturally Soft Pedi

Nuts About Walnuts Pedi


Rockstar Gelicure Pedi

Scrubbed Smooth Pedi

Smooth Moves Pedi

Softer Soles Pedi

Soothe Your Soles Pedi

The Well Heeled Pedi

Wake Up! Coffee Pedi

Warm My Tootsies Pedi

Dr. Detox Pedi


Power Polish Pedicure


20 Services

All Natural Manicure

Canna-Cure Mani

Gelicure Manicure

Gelicure Removal Mani

Hydrated Hands Mani

Kid - i - Cure Mani

Make Time Stop Mani (Anti-Aging)


Milky Smooth Mani

Mini Mani

Monthly Special Manicure

Naturally Soft Mani

Nuts About Walnuts Mani

Rockstar Gelicure Mani

Scrubbed Smooth Mani

Smooth Moves Mani

The Sensational Manicure

Wake Up! Coffee Mani

‘Man’ - i - Cure (For Men)

Power Polish Manicure


15 Services

All Off Bikini



Eyebrow Clean-up

Face *excludes eyebrows

Full Arm

Full Leg

Half Arm

Half Leg

Half Off Bikini

Just Side Bikini

Spot Treatment



Upper Lip