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Eyelash Extension Removal


A gentle and safe removal of eyelash extensions that leaves natural lashes intact.

Eyelash Extensions-Partial Set


A partial set of eyelash extensions involved placing an extension on 50-70% of natural lashes.

Eyelash Fill


Free Lash Consultation

Recommended for all first time lash clients.We'll meet and assess the health of your natural lashes, discuss your needs, and devise a treatment plan.

Full Set Eyelash Extensions


Full sets of classic lash extensions involve one extension per natural lash.Consultations are recommended for first time clients.

Lash Lift


Lash lift gives your natural lashes curl lasting up to 8 weeks.

Patch Test

This test is used to determine if a client may have a reaction to the adhesive used for eyelash extensions.It does not guarantee there will be no reaction but is a good precautionary measure for people with sensitive eyes.

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Deep Cleansing Back Facial


Signature Customized Facial


This completely customized facial will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. Your end
result is healthier more lustrous skin.

Vitamin A Infusion


Facial Infusion generates a 30-day collagen production increase.It is unique because it avoids damaging the epidermis by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery. Facial Infusion enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation and can be customized by adding powder blends and actives for increased correction. It is advisable to start an Osmosis Vitamin A serum 14days prior to infusion.

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Hair removal along the bikini line.



Full hair removal of the nether regions.Price drops to $55 if rebooked within 4 weeks.Women only.



More hair removed than a traditional bikini wax but less than a full Brazililan.





Chin Only


Full Arms


Full Back


Full Face


Full Legs


Half Arms


Half Legs


Lip & Brow


Lip & Chin


Sides of face




Upper Lip


Beau Visage

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