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Baby Butt Facial


This highly customizable facial focuses on hydrating and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The goal of the Anti-Aging facial is to exfoliate and hydrate! We use all anti-aging products in this specialty facial with key ingredients specified to target aged or weathered skin. We believe that the best offense is a good defense! With this in mind, we believe it’s never too early to start the fight against skin damage and fine lines! This facial is recommended to all skin types and ages! Top Dermatologist argue that the best time to start the anti-aging process as early as your mid to late twenties! We all age and time does not discriminate! This treatment will leave you feeling deeply cleansed and hydrated with our Multivitamin based products and double masque treatment. Your esthetician is always willing to explore other treatment options with you to slow the aging process and answer any questions you might have about proper home care! Be sure to add on: Repechage Eye Contour Treatment, Extended Facial Massage Time/Extraction Time, Aromatherapy

Back From The Dead Facial


Fresh from the grave and back to the real world your face needs to look alive. This is a multi pronged facial covering multiple skin concerns. With both a physical and chemical exfoliant we break down dead skin. Special blackhead softening gels will make light extractions a breeze. A little zen with masquing, facial massage and neck/shoulder massage. A separate eye treatment to help with fine lines, dehydration and puffiness to bring light back into your eyes. Finished off with a cocktail of lotions, potions and serums customized for you.

Beard Facial


Chemical Peel for Back


Full Back Exfoliation with PCA Skin Body Peel

Delicate Flower Facial


Do you have darker spots of pigment on the skin or sun damage? Are you doing chemical peels and want a truly complimenting treatment to rid your skin of those pesky pigment patches? The Brightening Facial is waiting for you! This speciality facial is great for anyone who is wanted to lighten and brighten the overall appearance of skin. With pigment directed ingredients and exfoliation, we target the pigmented cells with force! With monthly Brightening Facials in conjunction with proper home care and SPF, results can truly be wonderful! Bare Skin Studio backs all of its facials and highly suggest this facial for clients who are sticklers about proper home care and are advocates for their skin’s health! We work with you to give expert advice on treatments and products that will help lighten those spots! Aside from invasive procedures, this Brightening Facial can work to lift the hue of pigmented spots to create a more fluid appearance.

Get Jack'd Facial


Using the best Jack Black products and based on your skin type, we hand-select the appropriate professional strength Glycolic, Salicylic or Lactic Acid peel. Calming botanical ingredients are simultaneously delivered to reduce post-peel sensitivity. Possible flaking may occur for those clients who have dry or sensitive skin so we recommend this as a great evening or weekend service.

Oil Slick Facial


You heard it right, Adult Acne. It happens to the best of us and unfortunately bacteria doesn’t discriminate based on our age. Whither you have had to deal with acne since your teens or are experiencing acne for the first time, we have you covered! This customized facial focuses on killing and eliminating bacteria and clearing congested pores. With carefully done extractions, deep exfoliation, and oil absorbing products, there’s no reason you won’t walk out of the treatment room feeling refreshed and clean! This facial is recommended to all adults suffering with grade 1-4 acne or for someone experiencing hormonal breakouts. We focus most of our time on extractions and clearing the skin of blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules! We suggest as an add on treatment: Extended Extraction Time, Eye Contour Treatment, Intensified Masques, Aromatherapy

Royal Service Facial


This is a great introductory facial! The Signature Facial is a customized 40 minute European style facial that will relax you and rejuvenate the skin. We highly recommend this facial for first-timers or anyone looking for a facial centered more so on relaxation. Our Signature Facial starts with a double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, and it’s highlight is the facial massage! We use the most relaxing facial massage techniques to make sure you’re ready to take a nap after the service! We finish our session with a masque and appropriate moisturizers and SPF. Get ready to relax with this luxury facial! Add-ons that compliment this service: Repechage Eye Contour Treatment, Intensified Masques.

Sensitive Skin Facial


Using Dermalogica’s exclusive Ultra Calming line, we soothe inflamed or compromised skin with natural ingredients! This facial is perfect for anyone with rosacea, broken capillaries, or someone suffering from several allergies like Hay Fever. The Sensitive Skin Facial focuses on improving the skins nature barrier function and bringing the skin’s natural defensives back to life! The key ingredients in our sensitive skin facial are so soothing that your skin will thank you— Lavender, Colloidal Oatmeal, and Aloe. With gentle extractions and skin appropriate tapotement massage techniques to not irritate the skin further, you’ll leave feeling soothed and calmed. Great potential add-on treatments include: Aromatherapy, Eye Contour Treatment

Sexy-Back Facial


We want to bring Sexy-Back. Do you have problematic skin on your back and shoulders? Acne and unwanted roughness? Don't hide that backside, book a Sexy-Back Facial. Wearing a backless gown to a classy affair and want to show off clear skin? The back facial is essentially a facial on your back--we cleanse, deeply exfoliate, extractions, massage, and mask! Great for relaxation and acneic clients alike!

Take it Off Facial Peel


Do you have an existing skin condition like acne or acne scarring? Perhaps even the starts of fine lines or age spots? We have the answer! Chemical peel treatments are some of the best and most advanced ways to slow the aging process, enhance the overall appearance of skin, and diminish unhealthy or unsightly conditions existing on the skin! Chemical peels work with the body’s natural exfoliation process to “shed” skin faster to create a “new” layer of skin. This shedding of skin will help fight the appearance of pigmentation or age spots, kill acne causing bacteria, and reduce the visible signs of aging. It’s the holy grail of facial treatments! Despite what you may have heard, chemical peels are not overly invasive or a scary procedure. We use a clinical line called PCA that is easily customized to each clients specific skin concerns.

Teen Acne Facial


Any Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent/gaurdian with signed consent
Acne can really lower self-esteem and cause unnecessary struggle but Bare Skin Studio is here to help! Clients love our acne facials because of the time we take to educate and consult with our clients. We make sure to explain proper home care, product guidance, and education on what acne does to the skin and how the client can help fight the acne! The first few minutes of your treatment will be spent doing a skin analysis and consultation. After which, the fun begins! We prep the skin with a bacteria killing double cleanse, healthy acid exfoliation, pimple-busting extractions, and a speciality salicylic acne mask. We separate our teen and adult facials based on skin resiliency, extraction time, and age-appropriate products.

Men's Grooming
5 Services

Arm Hair Trim


We use groomers to shave down the hair on the arms to your desired length! No waxing involved!

Other items to consider: Back Shave & Chest/Ab Trim

Butt Shave


Trim with dry groomers on cheeks and wet razor where the sun don't shine. Other item to consider: Butt wax.

Chest/Ab Trim


Don’t want to wax the chest all the way bare? Prefer to keep the hair tamed and at a natural length? We can trim the hair down with our special groomers to ensure the most natural look as possible.

Leg Trim


For those who aren’t looking to strip the skin of all the hair and instead prefer to keep some fur. The leg hair is trimmed down with groomers to your desired length!

Men's Back Shave


Tired of being the scary bear on the beach but are scared of the wax? Let's shave it down then!

Full back is groomed with a dry clip into the shoulders and arms. Consider the chest/stomach and arm trim for a cohesive look.

Skin Care
2 Services

Glo Advanced Chemical Peel


Glo Therapeutics line of chemical peel- double active acid for stronger results.

Glo Therapeutics Signature Chemical Peel


Using Glo Therapeutics line, one active acid with protective balm.

14 Services

1st Timer Full Monty Brazilian Wax


This is the regular Full Monty service with a little extra time for paperwork and hand holding. Covers bikini line, pelvic, shaft, perenium and crack. You can add cheeks too!

Other areas to consider? Back Wax
Package to consider? Back, Crack and Sack.



Have a swim suit you’d like to get in but need to clean up before you wear it out on the beach? Well the bikini wax is for you! This wax includes all visible hair around the underwear line. This service differs from the Brazilian as we do not wax the entire pelvic region or the butt crack area. Typically, the pelvic region is taken about an inch down from the underwear line and cleaned up through the inside of the legs. This particular service is for our female clients. For men please choose male Brazilian wax.

Butt Wax


This wax service includes the full butt cheeks and the butt crack. It’s great option instead of shaving this delicate area! A great addition to the male Brazilian.

Chest Wax


Includes from belt line to the tops of the shoulders. We always make sure to blend the shoulder area to avoid any harsh obvious lines. No Kelly Clarksons!

Other areas to consider: Back Wax.

Full Arms


From the shoulders to the fingers! We take it all! This is a unisex service.

Other services to consider? Back & Chest Wax.

Full Legs


We understand some of you are athletes looking to be more aerodynamic and we’ve got you covered! You guessed it, full legs is from butt fold all the way down to the toes! This is a unisex service.

Other services to consider? Butt Wax and Bikini/Brazilian Wax

Half Back Wax


Either your lower or upper half back. Only a small patch? Consider the wax back light or tramp stamp wax.

Half Legs


Either the knee to underwear line front and back, or from the knee to the ankle! This is a unisex service.

Other service to consider? Brazilian!

Men's Back Wax Light


Have tumbleweeds of stray hair across your back instead of a full pelt? This might be the back wax for you. This services covers a patchy full back where not as much work is necessary. Please note, if you are a first time client at the estheticians discretion if she considers you a full back wax you will be charged as such.

Men's Brazilian


You heard it right, male Brazilian wax. What does that exactly entail? The whole area that is covered on the front of a bikini. Pelvic, shaft and perenium. Want fries with that? Add a crack wax and make it our Full Monty Package. Extra crispy? Add the cheeks too.

Men's Full Back Wax


Full back wax includes shoulders arms and full back.

Men's Full Monty Brazilian Wax


The Full Monty Male Brazilian Wax includes: bikini line, pelvic bone, shaft, balls, perenium and butt crack. First timer? Look for our 1st Timer Full Monty Brazilian Wax. Same service but with more time if needed.

Other services to consider? Butt cheeks and back wax.

Tramp Stamp Only Wax


Tramp stamp is only the lower portion of the back. Gets anything below a crop top shirt! The hair sitting right above the waistline of your pants! This is a unisex service.

Other services to consider? Full back and butt wax.

Women's Brazilian


This is a classic wax service that we have perfected! We can leave you completely bare or leave a little hair on the pelvic region, whatever you like, we can do! For our female Brazilian, we make sure to include the full butt crack region as well to ensure the sleekest and cleanest wax!


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