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Balanced Body Blend- 60 min


Enjoy a unique 60min session that combines a customized full-body serenity massage. With a twist of Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Relaxation that restores your wellness and deep relaxation. With this service you receive a Shea butter foot rub that will leave you feeling like you have new skin!

Deep Tissue Massage- 60min


During this hour our therapist will work out the knots and realign the muscular system. The pressure is up to you. Please communicate with your therapist on depth.

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Hot Stone Massage- 60 min


Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that uses specialized stones called basalt stones. These stones are designed to hold heat, helping to create a deep tissue massage to work tight, knotted muscles and release tension. Hot stone massage is relaxing and is known to have some health benefits.

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Massage Value Card- Massage 60 min


This service is for our clients who have per-purchased our massage value discount card. This can be a deep tissue, relaxation, or prenatal massage.

Prenatal Massage- 60 min


Our trained maternity Massage Therapist will use the right pressure that will meet your needs and melt your aches and pains away. Your massage bed and pillows will comfortably meet your body's needs We accommodate any stage in pregnancy and will keep you and your baby safe and comfortable.

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Relaxation/Swedish- 60 min


This massage is dedicated to a hour just for you, no kids, no work, and no stress. Just one hour of pure deep relaxation and rejuvenation! ENJOY!

Treatment Massage- Health Insurance Client (60 min)

Wanting to use your health insurance or have you been injured or in a car accident? This is the massage for you. If we are going to be billing your insurance please bring a prescription from your doctor.
If you are a first time client & booking a medical massage please call for us to check your health insurance benefits to see if your plan covers massage. Your co-pay or co-insurance will be due at the time of service.

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Balanced Body Massage

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