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Free Health / Trip Check

Includes a complete health and safety inspection. Top off all fluids, air, etc.

Full-Service Oil Change

Regular oil changes are key to maintaining your vehicle's warranty and keeping your vehicle running better and lasting longer.

Factory Recommended Maintenance Interval

At certain mileage intervals it is important to bring your car in for specific services to keep things running smoothly. We know your car or truck as well as a dealer, but can service it for less!

Previously recommended service

Already have an estimate for a service or repair? Let's get it done!

Brake Service

Signs of possible brake failure include squealing, grinding, or any other unusual noise when you apply the brakes.

Check Engine Light Service

If your Check Engine light is on, come on by! We'll perform a full diagnostic to identify the issue and get you back on the road.

Air Conditioning Service

A/C not working like it used to? Your Air Conditioning system may be in need of a recharge.

Light Bulb Replacement

If you have a light out, it's important to get it fixed to avoid the risk of a ticket.

Other service / diagnostics needed


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161 Reviews

  • This is very close to my commute and I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of nuisance fees normally associated with state inspections.
  • Larry was helpful and more importantly honest. Even worked with me after I goofed and cancelled my work prematurely. Thx again.
  • You guys are on top of things! I love the technology you guys use!