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Beginning Tricks & Transitions


This workshop is geared towards beginner tricks and dance transitions. Come ready to perfect the tricks you have started to learn as well as learn dance style transitions to get in and out of them.

Bobbi's Birthday Pole Party


Join us for a special evening celebrating Bobbi's Birthday! Dress to impress in your all black attire. Sunday , July 30th 7:30-9:30pm. Come prepared to learn a special choreographed pole routine.

Booty Popping Basics™


The name says it all "Booty Popping Basics" is a fun upbeat beginner poleclass. Learn how to "drop it like its hot and work that junk in your trunk".You're sure to have a great time!

Cardio Hip Hop


We don't sweat we sparkle! Come sparkle with us in this high energy dance fitness dance class! We're keeping it comfy and working it out in our sneakers and shorts. This cardio based class will get your heart beating and have your body grooving to the beats. This is an all levels class.

Combo City™


Beg/ Int. Level
Do you have intro moves down? In this class you will learn some fun combinations of pole spins, holds and transitions.



Contempole is an Int/Adv class incorporating pole tricks and modern/contemporary dance moves.

Core Strength


This all-level class increases core body strength and endurance. Abdominal and lower back exercises improve functional movement, balance and coordination.

Dance Therapy

To us movement is a form of therapy. Join us in a power hour of letting loose and being in the moment. Let the music soothe your soul and body move to the beats. This is an all levels class. Prepare to learn a hip hop influenced upbeat dance. Basic workout gear or comfortable dance clothes and sneakers are suggested.

Double Trouble™


This class is a fusion of our Video Vixen and Pole Tease Class. You will learn sexy choreography that includes both a chair and the pole. Come ready to heighten your level of sexy! Legwarmers and Heels suggested.

Flirty Floor work


All Levels. Bring your knee pads or legwarmers, this fun flirty class focuses on learning moves on the floor to incorporate in your routines or just to have fun with!

Go Go Girl


Go-Go girl is A dance/pole cardio class. All levels welcomed. Come ready to have fun , dance and get a great workout! We will stretch and then dance through a specially designed dance routineto a non-stop upbeat dance mix of today's hottest dance songs..



You are bound to work up a sweat in this sexy hip hop heels inspired class. Put on your dancing shoes and come ready to work it out in your sexy stilettos. Wedges, boots, high heels with ankle straps are suggested but not required.

Intro To Pole


Intro to Pole focuses onlearning the basics of the pole. You will learn proper hand placements, simple turns, walks and all the key elements to make you feel comfortable confident and sexy on the pole!Pre-Registration is required to guarantee a spot.
This is an Beginner Class.

Intro to Spin Pole


In this intro class you will explore the differences between static and spinning modes on the pole. We will reference back to the basics you learned in Intro to Pole as well as new fun beginner moves. Learn the importance of grip, spotting, creating momentum and balancing your weight.

Inversion Virgin™


Inversion Virgin is the start of doing inverted tricks. You've mastered the basic spins and a few tricks now it's time to go upside down!

Magic City


You've graduated from B.P.B. and now it's time to combine your rump shaking moves and tricks in a full routine. Inspired by the ladies down south in the ATL.

Pole Baile


Join us for Pole with a Latin flare!

Pole Fit & Flex


Pole Fit and Flex is a class targeted at building strength and flexibility to accomplish the intermediate to advanced pole moves. This class will feature deep stretch methodologies incorporating the pole, drills to to strengthen the upper body and core to prep for and refine inversions, lifts, and more.

Pole Funk


Pole Play


Pole Play is an open session. spend the hour working independently on whatever your heart desires. Practice what you've learned in classes or have a little fun play time.
There is no instruction during this class.

Pole Strip Tease


Pole Tease


Combine what you've learnedin Intro to Pole and Pole Fit! This class focuses on combining pole tricks and dance moves to create a combination. Pre-Registration is required to guarantee a spot.
This is an Beginner/Intermediate level Class.

Pole Tricks Beg/Int


This Intermediate level class focuses on various pole tricks. It is required you can climb, sit hold and do basic inverts without assistance before you can take this class.

Pole Tricks Int/ Adv


Pole WerkOut™


Who said working out had to be boring? We are adding some Excitement to your workout with Pole WerkOut™. Leave your inhibitions at the door and come ready fora workout like no other! In this class we partner basic cardio and strength building fundamentals with pole dancing techniques. This all levels class is the best full body workout engaging muscles you normally don’t target in standard workouts! Strategic drills and techniques focus on building your core strength, arms, shoulders, upper and lower body. Not only will you leave this class feeling like you had a great workout you’ll feel like the ultimate Diva!Pre-Registration is required to guarantee a spot. Yoga shorts and T-shirt or tank top are recommended. Do not apply lotions or oils prior to taking class as it will hinder your grip with the pole.



Pole Plus is designed for our curvy ladies that want to embrace their shape and know they are ATOMIC. It is an introductory class that focuses on learning various pole techniques and building a strong foundation. Leave all your inhibitions behind and come ready to release your inner sexy!



In this class you will learn intermediate/ advanced level choreography to a selected song by the instructor. The choreography will involve tricks, spins , climbs, holds and transitions at the int/Adv level. You must know how to invert prior to taking this class.

Private Pole Lesson Wednesdays


Privates are structured for individuals wanting one on one attention to go over whatever your heart desires. Wether you want to learn a routine on pole or chair, go over basic to advance pole moves, take a crash course before you start taking group classes or want a different workout ritual, we cater the session to your personal goals.

Pumps & Pole


Wither you want to learn to walk in heels or simply tone your legs, this class focuses on feeling sexy and confident in your heels. The class goes through various combinations and across the floor activities to help you build strength in your legs. We will learn a few moves as well on the pole, from walking , spins and how to transition up and down to the floor with ease.

Sexi Flexi™


Want to be a little more loose and limber? Sexi Flexi™ is about stretching and loosening up your limbs.Though various techniques instructors guide you in increasing your flexibility, extending your range of motion and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Spin City


Spin City is an intermediate to advanced level class. You will learn the techniques of doing different pole spins.

Spinning Slow Jams ™


Tap into you soulful seductive side with this spinning pole choreography class. Learn choreography on our spinning X-Poles as you perfect how to hold moves while spinning.
Intermediate Level
Suggested previous class: Spin City

Strip Tease


Leave all your inhibitions at the door ....come ready to let loose and channel you sensual seductive side. Wear layers as through out the choreography you will shed articles of clothing.



In this all levels class learn how to transitions through moves as well as transition from the floor to the pole and from the pole to the floor smoothly.

Tricks and Transitions Workshop


In this workshop you will learn some of today's hottest tricks as well as some of the fundamentals. After mastering the moves we will focus on entries and exits in and out of the tricks to create seamless pole combos. Variations will be giving to satisfy your current skill set as well as have goals to work towards. Learn to create and execute fluid and seamless pole passes. Pole combos will be both aerial and ground based. Recommend that you can execute a basic inversion.

Twerk Werkshop


This class goes through 3 different lessons : Twerk Basics- going over pops, rolls, body roll isolation and butt muscle isolations. TWERK Fitness - high energy moves that engage and target your glutes, hamstrings, quads and your core for an amazing workout. TWERK-OGROPHY- Learn an actual dance routine with music incorporating all of the twerk moves you've learned. Knee socks, leg warmers or knee pads are recommended.

Twerk Werk™


This high energy class will have you working "what your mama gave you"! Bring leg warmers, knee high socks or knee pads as some off the choreography and drills are on the floor.

Vertical Barre™


Vertical Barre is where ballet meets pole. This beginner friendly class is a fun introduction to classical ballet and pole basics. No Dance Experience Required! Challenge your body as you correct your posture, build strength and learn to create beautiful lines with your body, arms and legs. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes or socks recommend.

Vertical Vixen™


In this class you will focus on your climbs. From you basic climb, side climb, reverse climb, spinning climb and various stylized climbs. This is an all levels class.

Video Vixen


Video Vixen is a mix of chair, strip tease and floor work. In this class the routine varies from week to week so come ready to turn your sexy on!This is an all levels class. Heels are optional, legwarmers or knee pads are suggested.



WERK is a high energy fitness and dance fusion class providing a structured method of learning various choreographed dance sequences in a fun-filled class environment. Core strength training circuits partnered with dance techniques and combinations bring you the ultimate full body workout.
Gym Shoes Suggested*

3 Services

Atomic Summer Nights Showcase


Join us for an evening of performances, mingling and getting to know who we are and what we do! Wine and light snacks will be available for those 21+

BFF Night


Join us for a night of fun! Bring out your friends andshow them why you love classes so much! For this class we will go through a few pole basics as well as learn a fun routine! Wither you are coming with a few of your friends or coming to make new friends you are sure to have a great time!Check out our facebook page for details on special themes and prizes!

Pole Jam

Open to all pole studio students and instructors. This is a Pole Community Event and we would like you to come out and jam with us! Meet new faces, get advice on moves from other students and instructors and even learn some new tricks!

6 Services

Barre Booty Burn


This cutting edge class focuses on sculpting your glutes and legs, strengthening your core and posture and giving you the ultimate workout with low impact. Utilizing the barre we use ballet and dance techniques partnered with targeted exercises to tighten and tone!

Intro to Handstands


Intro to Handstands will provide the fundamentals necessary for success in training handstands and other arm balance maneuvers.

Killer Kettle Bell™


A fast paced, fat burning, high intensity power endurance workout that combines both strength movements and explosive power endurance movements. This class is one challenging workout but will bring amazing full-body results.

Level 2 Pole Fit


Level 2 Pole Fit is an intermediate to advance level pole class. You must know how to climb, invert without assistance, know all your basic spins and be able to do holds with just two points of contact. ( For example: Straddle " two hands"no legs, inverted leg hold ect).

Pole Jams


This high energy cardio pole dance class is the perfect combination of fun. sexy and fitness! No pole experience is needed and this is an all levels class.

Sexi Fit™


Sexi Fit™ is a high energy, free weight and body weight circuit class. This body toning class is geared towards enhancing your female curves!We’ve paired fun dance techniques and traditional exercises that work your glutes, legs, abs and arms. Have fun and feel Sexi while toning, tightening and burning calories!

7 Services

Atomic Pole Addict™


This is an intense two-hour workshop where participants will leave with a solid foundation of pole dancing basics, learn how to build fluidity in their movements, learn which moves are best to practice to build strength to go into more advance moves and learn some awesome new tricks and combos. Our amazing owner will take you through a specialized curriculum that covers each segment specifically. Class capacity is set to 9 students so everyone is guaranteed a floor to ceiling pole respectively so everyone gets lots of one-on-one time and play time. This workshop is suitable for all women, no experience necessary. Students enrolled in this workshop are encouraged to send trick requests to Students will also receive a questionnaire once registeredto be given to the instructor to determine levels and format the class flow and direction to each student prior to the workshop date.

Intro to Lyra


No experience required! Come try out this great, beginner friendly aerial apparatus. Intro to Lyra covers mounts, dismounts, poses, and conditioning for the new and aerial-curious student!

Performance Team Rehearsal

Performance Team Rehersal

Performance Workshop Rehearsal

Performance Workshop Rehearsal 2hr

Power Pole w/ Sasja "Fierce" Lee


Power Pole (90mins)
Be fearless and in control of your movement. Presses, dead lifts, holding poses, shoulder mounts, flips and drops. Requests taken in class.

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