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Virtual Massage and Self Care Consultation


Massage is wonderful for so many concerns, such as stress and anxiety, headache, neck and back pain to name just a few. Our licensed massage therapists have many years of experience and specialty trainings to help you find relief and learn self care techniques at home. You can book online, email us at to schedule an appointment. We will then set up a video call at your requested appointment time.


Wellness or Integrative
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Maintain Your Flow


Maintain Your Flow is a blend of physical and energetic modalities and tools to improve the flow of movement and energy throughout the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Where your energy is stuck, we open it to flow more freely. Where your physical and subtle bodies are not aligned, we bridge communication. Consider a Maintain Your Flow session when you feel the need to change things up a bit, reclaim your clarity, or to play with essential oils and colors. Clothing may be left on; please give yourself time to integrate your experience after the session.


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  • Because Sharla is amazing, and does a perfect job with my eyebrows/lashes/facials, and I enjoy my time at your spa so much. :)